What Size Moving Truck Do I Need to Move?

What Size Moving Truck Do I Need to Move?

What Size Moving Truck Do I Need to Move?

What Size Moving Truck Do I Need to Move?

Are you wondering what size truck I need to move? Choosing the right size truck for your drive can be difficult, whether it’s your first or fifteenth. Any truck rental company will have a wide range of options to accommodate various moving situations. We’re here to help you sort through all of your choices and find the truck sizes for moving, which best fits all of your needs.

Budgetary considerations

Before we get into sizing up your spot, you should know that almost all rentals have similar factors that will affect your final bill aside from the truck size. In general, pricing is determined by mileage, where you choose to drop it off versus where you picked it up, the number of days you hire your moving truck, and whether or not you want to tow your car with your rental.

You may also have extras, including furniture padding and hand trucks. You should also purchase insurance policies for both your furniture and the rental truck, as scratching up a rental vehicle can be costly.

However, the starting price will be determined by the size of the truck you need. Here’s a breakdown of the truck sizes available at your local rental location, sorted by an average house and apartment size. Please keep in mind that these are just suggestions, and prices are subject to change.

For studios and one-bedroom apartments

Tips for studio and one-bedroom apartments:

Pickup trucks are used to transport goods

Consider a pickup truck if you’re moving a light load with minimal furniture. They’re ideal if you need a little more space than your car or moving into your first apartment and need to move a few bedroom items. Pickup truck beds are usually 7 feet 10 inches long and can carry a maximum load of 1,897 pounds.

Van for transporting goods

For those who aren’t moving a lot of furniture, a freight van is another inexpensive choice. They can keep furniture up to the size of a queen-sized mattress, making them ideal for small relocations. If you have a few more oversized items but a light load, a cargo van is a good option. The length of a typical freight van ranges from 9 feet 6 inches to 11 feet 11 inches.

Ten or twelve foot truck

You’ll probably need a 10- to 12-foot truck if you have a complete set of furniture in your apartment. Even if you have a few furniture and boxes, consider upgrading because a smaller car can not save you money if you need to make several trips. Truck lengths in this area range from 9 feet 11 inches to 11 feet 8 inches.

Truck with a length of 15 to 17 feet

If you are wondering what size moving truck for a 2 bedroom apartment you need, this truck is for you. These trucks range from entry-level options for those with a sparsely furnished one-bedroom apartment to medium-tier trucks for fully furnished two-bedroom apartments and tiny homes. Look for pricing overlap in trucks that are 15, 16, or even 17 feet long to get the most room for your money. The extra space will save you money by avoiding frequent trips and preventing your truck from being overloaded, which could put your delicate products at risk.

20-foot pickup truck

Consider upgrading to a 20-foot truck if you’re moving from a house or an apartment and have much more than a couple of rooms of furniture (technically 19 feet, 6 inches). If you have two closely packed bedrooms, this upgrade might be necessary, but something larger should be considered.

26-foot pickup truck

What size moving truck do you need 4 bedroom house? The 26-foot truck is the most comprehensive choice at most truck rental companies, and it’s a beast for hauling a lot of furniture and belongings. This truck will transport all of your packed boxes and furniture for a four-bedroom house. Even the 20 and 26 foot U-Haul options have identical pricing, so you may be able to get a lot of extra space for a low price.

Step-by-step instructions for determining what size truck you’ll need for your move

Step 1: Make a list of everything you’ll need to load into the vehicle.

To respond to the question, “What size moving truck do I require?” Start by making a list of everything that needs to go into the truck. This entails keeping track of everything from linens to antiques.

Step 2: Calculate the size of a moving vehicle.

Online calculators, such as the Penske Truck Wizard, allow you to enter all of the things you want to transfer so that you can be matched with a moving truck with enough cubic feet to complete the task.

Step 3: Make contact with a truck rental service.

It’s time to contact a truck rental company for a price estimate and truck availability after assessing how many boxes and furniture parts you’ll be moving. Describe the scale of your load as well as the things you’ll be transporting. Inquire about packing procedures and how to pack a truck properly. Finally, learn how the rental rate works.

Step 4: Make a list of moving truck companies to compare.

Make sure you contact several moving truck rental companies. Try to make a list of the sizes they sell, the capabilities they have, the prices they charge, and whether or not they have tow or loading ramp space.


We have answered your “What size moving truck do I need” question but if you’re still uncertain about the size of truck rental you need, you can ask your local provider for advice. You’ll almost certainly speak with someone who deals with movers daily. When in doubt, overestimate the size you’ll need for longer moves to avoid incurring multiple trips’ costs.