Best Furniture Movers in Los Angeles

Got heavy furniture? Got professionals? If not, call the best furniture movers in Los Angeles: Cheap Movers Los Angeles! All of our movers possess at least 6 years of industry experience so you can rest-assured you have a professional mover. We also do  in-house training for all of our movers in the latest in moving techniques and safety procedures. So you can rest-assured knowing that your move will go safely and efficiently.

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Piano Movers

Our moving company in Los Angeles is one of the few moving companies that are licensed and insured to move pianos. We move Grand Pianos, Baby Grand Pianos, and Upright Pianos. It is vital that you hire movers that are certified in piano moving. As Brewer Law firm asserts, if you choose an unlicensed mover in California, the consequences can be devastating.

Pool Table Movers

Pool Table moving can be complicated unless you hire professional Los Angeles movers. Common pool tables range from moderately light to extremely heavy. Materials used range from lightweight plywood table tops to heavy marble and granite. In order to get your pool table moved quickly and safely, we recommend that you contact professional movers for a quote.

Couch Movers

Couches and sofas can range from relatively small 5-6′ couches, all the way up to 12′ heavy sectionals. Since professionals likely moved these pieces into your home, it is best to call the professional movers to move them out! Your Los Angeles moving company can help you get your couches, sofas, and sectionals moved in a creative and efficient way. There are a wide range of creative techniques to move these heavy items. All of our movers are trained in-house on the latest techniques to move your heavy items safely.

Miscellaneous Furniture Movers

We move a wide rance of items, from delicate art pieces to durable industrial refrigerators –no job is too big or too small for us. Got a one item move? We love single item moves in Los Angeles and beyond! Give us a call and let us deliver to your new home!