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Our team of piano movers have been handling difficult moves for years—Cheap Movers Los Angeles knows how fragile pianos can be, so we take extra care in lifting them onto our trucks just right, wrapping them securely for the drive to their destination, and ensuring that they stay stable while being transported from Point A to Point B.

After listening to you talk about your stress-free, affordable piano moving needs, we are happy to give you the best old-time service in Los Angeles. We'll set up a time and figure out how long it will take. Our team is skilled at avoiding damage that other movers often cause and we ensure they use appropriate packing for each specific instrument type. Give us a call or drop us an email for any planning on the move!


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We did a wide range of specialized transfers, including piano moving and storage. We have the equipment and a skilled team to assist you to transport your piano as movers in Los Angeles. We value client satisfaction and attention to detail, and our movers demonstrate this by conducting your piano relocation with great care and attention to details. Our professional movers have perfected the art of transporting a piano, ensuring that your relocation is a success. We are the logical option for your piano moving requirements.



We employ licensed best piano movers Los Angeles for grand pianos, including baby grand, grand, concert grand, and ballroom pianos. We know to prepare your piano for travel. It will be transported in a special climate-controlled vehicle and will only be transported alongside other pianos. Piano movers cost  is different in every company. But our prices are affordable and cheap. Discount piano movers Los Angeles can be done by our company.



Transporting a piano is a difficult task, particularly when moving it great distances. We make shipping a piano easy with a committed team of specialists on your side. We provide different choices and can work with you to develop a bespoke shipping plan for your piano. Cheap Movers Los Angeles has delivered many pianos, including upright, baby grand, and grand pianos, as well as digital pianos. For any of your musical travel requirements, we can provide special huge instrument shipping.



We understand how valuable and delicate your piano is; many pianos are antiques or family treasures. Our reliable piano movers in Los Angeles will work hard to ensure that your piano is free of cracks, broken legs, and scratches. We customize every move by using top-notch movers and experienced specialized moving coordinators to make you feel like you're part of the family, too.



When it comes to relocating a piano in Los Angeles, Cheap Movers Los Angeles is the company to call. We can assist you with moving your piano across town or the nation. Let us be your Los Angeles piano movers, whatever the situation may be. Your baby grand is a love, your instrument of choice. We can help you move it with care and professionalism, from Los Angeles to any location in the world. Request your free quote now!



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We offer local, residential, office, long-distance, furniture, piano and heavy item relocation services. Get a free quote for more information about prices.
If the piano is too heavy, it might be a good idea to get a piano mover. They can haul your instrument for a fraction of what a mover would usually cost, and they have been specifically trained on how to handle both smaller and bigger pianos for this very occasion.
Pricing can vary depending on the distance of the move, availability at the time of the move, weight and size requirements. Please feel free to contact us with your zip code or phone number for a competitive quote.
Under no circumstance should you attempt to move a piano without taking the proper precautions or hiring professionals? It is hazardous for anyone who has not been trained, which could lead to severe injuries. Therefore, the best thing would be to hire movers specially trained in moving pianos like Cheap Movers Los Angeles at (123) 262-9440 (available 24/7).

Cheap Movers Los Angeles, your local moving company, offers professional, dependable, and efficient moving service in LA area.

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