5 Items You Need For Moving Day!


5 Items You Need for Moving Day!

  1. Post-It/Sticky Notes: Buy Post-It Notes of various colors. In this way, Post-It Notes are great for color-coding your moving boxes and large furniture items. In this way, it will be a breeze for your movers to know which items go where. It can also provide a simple system that enables you to unpack essentials quickly and methodically.

  2. Permanent Black Marker: Using a permanent black marker ensures that you will be able to label virtually anything. From plastic bags to porous cardboard boxes, a permanent black marker is an essential tool for labeling these items for ease of identification later on.

  3. Zippered plastic sandwich bags: A common complaint during moving is that screws and bolts can be easily lost or misplaced between disassembly and reassembly of beds and furniture. This situation can be almost completely avoided with the use of inexpensive zippered plastic sandwich bags to store bolts and screws during the moving process. Simply load in the hardware and tape securely to the bed frame or large piece of furniture for ease of reassembly.

  4. Black Trash Bags: Having a couple of boxes of these durable bags on-hand during your move can be a time (and thus money,) saver. Instead of using bulky wardrobe boxes, stuff clothes in these bags for a last for the minute and dust-free move. Trash bags are also great to have on hand disposable of your large-item packing supplies like shrink wrap, tape, and other debris that may remain after your move.

  5. Basic Tools: Unless you have hired Cheap Movers Los Angeles, many moving companies in Los Angeles do not offer courtesy reassembly of beds and other furniture. Even if you do hire us, we are not allowed to make holes in any structure, meaning you will need to mount your television. Therefore, having basic hand tools and a drill on-hand is necessary.

When cheap moving becomes expensive…



So, you scored a “too-good-to-be-true” moving rate with a local company and you feel elated, like you’ve obtained a rare unicorn of a bargain…but have you?

As the old saying goes, “Accidents happen.”

While we are all human and accidents simply cannot always be avoided, the damage caused however, and related costs can be mitigated. This is why all California drivers are required to carry insurance, for example.

So why would you expect anything less from the moving company you hire?

Hiring uninsured and under-insured companies have real life implications. It is estimated that for every 1 insured contracting company there are at least 4 uninsured contracting companies in the Greater Los Angeles Area. In a recent California lawsuit, Mendoza v. Brodeur, a homeowner asked his neighbor to do some work for him on his home.But, lo and behold, an accident happened and the neighbor was hurt on the homeowner’s property. You see, this homeowner blindly trusted his neighbor and thought he was hiring a valid, licensed independent contractor who had his own insurance coverage. In the end, the California Superior Court rejected that stance, and ruled against the homeowner! The judge asserted that the homeowner was technically the neighbor’s employer and thus should have had a California Worker’s Compensation insurance policy in place to cover the possibility of injury on the job. In the end, the Homeowner was responsible to pay all of his neighbors costs.

Arm yourself with knowledge!

In order to be licensed in the State of California, Household Goods Movers must provide more than sufficient evidence to the California Public Utilities Commission  that they are qualified to become licensed. This includes providing proof of financial records and bank statements, successful registration of a Motor Carrier Permit/CA Number with the California Highway Patrol for their fleet vehicles, Auto Insurance for said vehicles that meets or exceeds California minimums, Worker’s Compensation Insurance, at least $20,000 in Cargo Insurance, and the successful completion of a Household Goods Mover Exam administered by the Commission. (Learn more here at the California Department of Justice : https://oag.ca.gov/consumers/general/moving)

Additionally, all licensed movers are required to display their PUC or “T” number on all of their emails, website, and general correspondence with the public. The Important Information for Persons Moving Household Goods booklet,issued by the California Public Utilities Commission, is required to be given to consumers upon first in-person contact so make sure to check that your moving company has provided this to you. This booklet is vital to you and explicitly outlines your rights and responsibilities as a consumer of California Household Goods moving services.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” -Benjamin Franklin

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