How to pack your shoes for moving?

How to pack your shoes for moving?

How to pack your shoes for moving?

How to pack your shoes for moving

Packing Shoes for Moving

Whether you have a few pairs of shoes or too many to count, it’s important to pack them properly when you’re moving. Throwing them into a box may be the quick way to do it, but it isn’t the most effective. You could end up with damaged, dirty, or even moldy shoes! Packing shoes the right way ensures they arrive in good condition.

pack shoes for moving

How to pack shoes for your upcoming move

1.    Gather your supplies

You’ll need small or medium boxes, packing paper, tape, and a marker.

2.    Sort your shoes

Choose which ones you want to donate, sell, and keep.

3.    Lightly clean them

This will help get rid of dirt, dust and pebbles stuck to the shoe. Did you know that leather shoes can hold onto moisture? Moisture trapped inside a moving box can result in mold, so make sure shoes are clean and dry before packing.

4.    Use shoe boxes

Wrap the shoes in packing paper, place your shoes inside, and tape the shoe boxes shut. Then put the shoe boxes in moving boxes, filling any gaps with packing paper.

If you don’t have enough shoe boxes to pack all your shoes, follow the steps below to pack them into moving boxes.

To pack shoes without their original boxes…

  1. Stuff packing paper into your shoes to help keep their shape. For taller shoes and boots, stuff packing paper all the way up the shaft. Avoid using newspaper though – the ink can transfer to your shoes and leave a permanent mark.
  2. Create a “shoe burrito” to provide the ultimate in protection. To make the burrito, lay one shoe on the edge of the packing paper and wrap until it’s covered. Then add another shoe and continue wrapping. Tuck in extra paper as you wrap the shoes, then tape it up to keep the package secure.

How to fill moving boxes with shoes

  • Create layers. Pack any shoe boxes first, starting with the heavier ones. Then make a layer of wrapped shoes on top of the shoe boxes. After this base layer, lay boots horizontally toward the top of the box to avoid crushing them. Fill any gaps in the box with crushed packing paper.
  • Keep it light! We recommend no more than 40 pounds of shoes per box to ensure you can easily lift the box.
  • Label the box. For example, write “Brittney’s Shoes” on the box (top and sides) so you can quickly locate the box after unloading.
  • Load on top. Protect your boxes of shoes from being crushed by loading them at the top of your stacked boxes.

And that’s it! Your shoes can now move to your new home safe and secure.

Now, let’s get you moved!

-Cheap Movers Los Angeles Customer Care Team-