Moving Quotes

Moving Quotes

Here at Cheap Movers Los Angeles, we understand that moving is stressful. According to, moving is rated one of the most stressful life experiences.  However, moving need not be stressful when you enlist the help of licensed and insured professional movers in Los Angeles. It’s important to have a moving company that you can trust and that communicates with you well. One of the most popularly visited pages on our website is our Moving Quotes page.

Have no fear, free moving quotes are here! Our moving quotes are constructed in a thoughtful manner. When we are planning a move for our prospective customers, we take everything into account? Common questions we ask are:

  1. How many bedrooms?
  2. Any heavy furniture items?
  3. How far are you moving?
  4. What day would you like to move? (Weekends, holidays, and beginning/end of the month are busy times — so plan ahead and call now!)
  5. Stairs or elevators?
  6. Any especially fragile or antique items?
  7. How many movers would you like?
  8. Would you like us to pack your small items? If so, do you need packing supplies?
  9. Do you need storage facilities?
  10. Any special circumstances or considerations you would like us to know about?

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With several locations throughout Southern California, Cheap Movers Los Angeles is bound to have a location near you!