Moving into a new house cleaning tips: 6 Tips for Tidying Your Space

Moving into a new house cleaning tips: 6 Tips for Tidying Your Space

Moving into a new house cleaning tips: 6 Tips for Tidying Your Space

While moving into a new place you get to start fresh and make your home the way you want it. There are some things that you must do first. We’ve compiled six moving into a new house cleaning tips when the movers show up with all of your belongings, they will know where everything goes!

Empty your closets and dressers

If you haven’t worn it in that amount of time, the chances are good that you won’t wear it again and should let someone else have the opportunity to enjoy your clothes!

While clearing out old stuff is necessary for having enough space for new things, don’t throw away anything without first asking yourself if you could use anything. For example, if you have many clothes that don’t fit anymore because they are too big or small for your current size, see what friends and family members might want them before just throwing them away!

Get rid of clothes that are too small or don’t fit anymore

Some other things that you should get rid of are anything too old or outdated. If your last season’s styles aren’t in, then there is no need to hold on to them just for the sake of having a closet full of clothes!

Don’t forget about the makeup and beauty products either – if those items have been sitting around unused for too long, then it is time to toss them out.

You should also clean out your medicine cabinet and bathroom cabinets! Sometimes products like toothbrushes can accumulate bacteria over time, so if you haven’t used a product in more than three months, then it’s probably best that you throw those items away and replace them with new ones.

Sort through the things leftover and put them into piles

Next, you need to sort through the piles of items that you have decided to keep and put them where they belong. If there are certain areas around your home that don’t get used very often or if there is a room in your house like an office or craft space where you want to set up some new storage shelves, then now would be the time to do that!

Clean out your kitchen cabinets

Make sure that you clean out your kitchen! All of the cabinets should be empty so that nothing gets broken during the moving process.

Throw away expired food products

If something in your pantry has expired, then it is time to throw away those items. But, of course, you wouldn’t eat anything moldy or rotten, so why would you even consider keeping that kind of stuff around?

You should also get rid of any food products that you don’t like anymore!

Clean up after yourself

Lastly, clean up after yourself and put things back into place! For example, if there is a dish in the sink or dirty clothes lying around, it’s better to take care of those issues instead of having your movers do all the work for you.

Don’t forget how important organization can be when trying to get a small space to feel as big as possible!


Moving into a new house can also be overwhelming. Therefore, it’s essential to take some steps before you start unpacking your boxes so that things are more accessible when the move-in day arrives. We hope these six moving into a new house cleaning tips will help make this process smoother and more efficient!