How many movers should I hire?

How many movers should I hire?

How many movers should I hire?

Ballin’…on a budget!

It’s no sebudgetcret that, in addition to moving being one of the most stressful life events, it is also one of the more costly life events. Moving doesn’t necessarily need to break the bank. Your friendly Cheap Movers in Los Angeles are here to help! Here are some tips about the optimal number of movers you need to hire when planning your move.

Please take a moment to consider the following…

Less is more…literally.

“I don’t have a lot of stuff.”

Literally, we hear this sentence every single day from many of our prospective, well-intending customers. It is entirely all-too-easy to misjudge the amount of things you actually have, especially when small items have still yet to be packed. It is all the more difficult to judge the amount of things you have if you haven’t moved in a while and have, inevitably, accumulated more stuff.

If you need help packing those last-minute items, we are more than happy to do so but this does take extra labor time and materials. Please let your Relocation Coordinator know this when you are calling to schedule your move.

Unforeseen circumstances…

There are many incidences that make moving a little more tricky and require extra help. In these circumstances, you will always win and pay less in the end by hiring more movers.

Some common examples of these circumstances are as follows:

  • Stairs vs. Elevator access
  • Dismounting television(s) and fixtures anchored to the wall(s)
  • Disconnecting appliances
  • Truck access to your house/building entrance (Is parking tricky?)
  • 2+ beds and/or large furniture pieces (disassembly/assembly)
  • Narrow hallways and doorways
  • Pianos, Heavy Armoires, and Specialized Solid Furniture Pieces (i.e.: Pool Tables)

The Best Professional Movers in Los Angeles

In conclusion, it all boils down to trusting the professionals, as every good relationship of any kind should be based on trust. From speaking with your Relocation Coordinator to arrange your move to meeting your experienced moving team, our common goal is to take care of you and make your move stress-free. That being said, we expect nothing less than a 5-star move for each and every customer. in fact, 33% of our customers come as referrals from previous valued customers.

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Let’s get you home,

-Cheap Movers Los Angeles Customer Care Team-