What items can’t be moved?

What items can’t be moved?

What items can’t be moved?

Do you have these common household items?


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Whether you’re planning a brief, local move, or a long-distance move, chances are you probably have some hazardous materials at home. Of course, we all understand that the garage generally houses a lot of materials that we don’t want inside of our homes but did you know that even nail polish remover is considered a hazardous material not suitable for transport?

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In order to obtain our California Public Utilities permit, we had to demonstrate a higher-than-average understanding of many laws. One such law restricts motor carriers without a hazardous materials endorsement from transporting hazardous materials. As mentioned above, even nail polish remover is unsuitable for transport in your moving truck! This is where having a licensed and insured moving company, like Cheap Movers Los Angeles, really becomes of great value and safety.

Please read below for a list from the CPUC of the most common residential hazardous materials that are unsafe for transport on Moving Day:

  • Combustible Liquids:
    • Alcohol (Rubbing)
    • Lubricants (Motor oils)
    • Anti-Freeze Compounds
  • Corrosives:
    • Acids
    • Drain Cleaner
    • Photographic acids used in developing film bleach
    • Water Purifying Agents, such as used for swimming pool cleaning and maintenance
  • Explosives:
    • Fireworks
    • Small Arms Ammunition
    • Flash Bulbs
  • Flammables:
    • Lighter Fluid
    • Matches
    • Wood Oil Stains
    • Petrol-Chemical-Based Garden Sprays
    • Paint/Varnish
    • Paint/Varnish Removers
    • Butane/Propane/Gasoline (Garden Equipment)
    • Signal Flares
    • Charcoal Briquettes
  • Compressed Gasses:
    • Aerosol Cans
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Scuba Diving Tanks

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