How to Save Space When Packing for Moving: 6 Tips and Tricks for Packing

How to Save Space When Packing for Moving: 6 Tips and Tricks for Packing

How to Save Space When Packing for Moving: 6 Tips and Tricks for Packing

How to save space when packing? When you are packing for a move, there is always the issue of space. How much will your belongings take up? Will they fit in your new place? These are all questions that need to be considered when moving into a new home. This blog post will discuss six tips and tricks for packing that can help save space and make it easier on the person doing the packing!

Pack clothes in a hanging bag to save space

When you are packing clothes, pack them in a hanging bag. These bags have special compartments that can help keep your shirts looking sharp and wrinkle-free during the move. In addition, because they store easily into boxes or suitcases, these bags make it easy to ensure all your shirts will go with each other without wrinkling up!

Fold shirts and pants instead of rolling them up

Rolling up your clothes can often lead to them being more wrinkled. If you have time, fold your pants and shirts instead of rolling them up. This will ensure they are ready for the new home without any ironing or steaming before setting everything out on the shelves!

Use containers for packing toiletries that are small enough

Pack your toiletries in containers that are small enough to fit into the suitcase but large enough so you can store all of them! Doing this and putting like items together will ensure everything is easy to find when needed.

When organizing things for a move, keep these tips in mind to save space while keeping your belongings organized during the move!

Seal plastic bags with clothes inside, so they don’t take up extra room

When packing, be sure to seal plastic bags with clothes inside them. This will ensure the items don’t take up any room and instead can move as a single package without shifting around during transportation!

Moving into a new home is often an issue because you never know what kind of furniture or large appliances may come with it. If you are worried about taking up too much space, use these packing tips to ensure you have everything needed for the new place!

Keep things you need daily close by

When packing, make sure to keep the things you need daily close by. This includes items like books, school supplies, or cosmetics that may be needed for work! Keeping these items together and close at hand during transportation will ensure they are already once unpacked in your new home without having to unpack everything else first.

Get rid of anything you won’t use before moving day – this includes plants and houseplants

Before moving day, make sure to get rid of any items you will not use. This includes plants or houseplants that may be taking up space in your home! Getting rid of them before the move ensures they are out and ready for new owners when they come over, so there is no need to put them away first after a long day of moving everything else in.


If you’re looking for some tips and tricks to help you save space when packing, we’ve compiled a list of 6 tips and tricks to how to save space when packing for moving ways that may work for you. We hope this article has provided helpful information and support in your upcoming move! For more advice on making the most out of your next move, feel free to read our blogs, where we share even more moving tips and ideas in our blog page. Happy packing day!