How to Pack to Move in a Hurry: 6 Steps for Doing It

How to Pack to Move in a Hurry: 6 Steps for Doing It

How to Pack to Move in a Hurry: 6 Steps for Doing It

Are you wondering how to pack to move in a hurry? Packing and moving is not a task for the faint of heart. It can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive. In this blog post, we will share you how to pack up your home in one day so that you can get out of there sooner than later.

Pack the essentials first

If you can pack your clothes, do it now and put them back in place as soon as possible. Do not wait until the very end of packing to move because this is a long process; load what you can on time so there isn’t too much left for one day!

Sort your clothes by season

When you pack your clothes, remember that it will be easier for the movers if all of them are together in one place. Put summer clothes at the bottom and winter ones on top; this way, they won’t get damaged while transported or compressed by other items.

Remember to bring out-of-season items as well! No matter the season, you might need some shorts and T-shirts. Also, don’t forget sweaters! During the transition period, they are a must when the weather changes from warm to chilly in fall and then back to moderately warm in spring.

When packing your clothes, make sure that they aren’t wrinkled because this will be a pain when you unpack them. This is why it’s best to tightly roll up your clothes and make sure they are smooth before packing them.

This advice also applies to jeans, sweaters, etc.; make sure everything is wrinkle-free so that it won’t be challenging to fold or stuff into the bag.

Pack like items together (i.e., toiletries with other toiletries, kitchen utensils with other kitchen utensils)

It’s advisable to pack like items together instead of scattering them all over the place. For example, please don’t put all your toiletries in one bag because it will be difficult for you and the movers to find what they need; on top of that, this will make unpacking a pain later.

Label each box using a marker

We think that it’s a good idea to label each box with masking tape and a permanent marker before putting it in the truck. Write what is inside that particular box on both sides and its destination (i.e., kitchen or bedroom). This method will help avoid confusion when you are unpacking them later!

Use wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes

It doesn’t matter where you are moving, wardrobe boxes can help save space in your truck. You don’t have to fold clothes when they are hung! Suitcases also take up less room because the clothing is folded inside of them; make sure that there aren’t too many clothes to be easy for you and the movers to take them out.

In addition, wardrobe boxes are great for keeping small items in one place and away from the rest of your clothes during transportation so that they don’t get lost!

Keep all of your important documents together

This is a no-brainer, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Please keep all of your important documents together in one place so that you won’t lose them during the move process; this way, they will stay organized and easy for you to access when needed!

For example, keep photos in an album or binder with plastic sleeves to avoid damage. Also, keep your insurance and important papers in a safe place, so you don’t lose them or misplace them accidentally; this can be inconvenient if something happens to these documents!

Finally, put all of your documents into one large envelope, seal it tight (tape both sides), and store it somewhere secure until you can access it.


We answered your “how to pack to move in a hurry?” question. You’ll want to check out our blog for more moving tips. We try to make the process of packing and moving as seamless as possible, so you can focus on other important things! Whether you need help with how best to pack up your belongings or find ways to save money while doing it, we have everything you need to get through this stressful time hassle-free. If any questions come up during your move that doesn’t seem covered here, ask us about them anytime. We’re happy to all of those burning questions before they become an issue down the line.