How to Pack Pillows for Moving: 6 Simple Steps

How to Pack Pillows for Moving: 6 Simple Steps

How to Pack Pillows for Moving: 6 Simple Steps

How to pack pillows for moving? Moving can be an emotional time for some people, but it doesn’t have to be proper preparations. It is essential to know how to pack your pillows for moving so that you can reduce stress and make sure they are safe during the move. Here are 6 simple steps that will help you do just that!

Firstly measure the dimensions of your pillow

Know how big your pillows are before you pack them. It’s essential to measure any decorative pillows that go on a pillow sham, as these pillows tend to be smaller than regular ones! Try using a standard-sized pillowcase on your decorative pillows to pack them securely if this is not possible.

Pillow measuring guide:

– Standard/Queen Pillow is 20″ x 26″

– King Pillow is 20″ x 36.”

Measure the thickness of your pillows. If they have a lot of filling inside, it will be harder to pack and move them than flatter. If possible, it is best not to have extra filling in your pillows as this can become damaged during the moving process.

Wrap a layer of bubble wrap around your pillow

Use a few layers of bubble wrap on your pillows to keep them safe. Bubble wrap is designed for cushioning and protecting items during the moving process, so it’s best not to go without using it! Make sure that you are wrapping each layer tightly around your pillow by following along its shape closely. This will help prevent gaps between the layers, allowing your pillow to shift around inside the box and experience damage.

Don’t forget about small decorative pillows! These smaller pillows are often overlooked in packing but need extra attention for safety. Bubble wrap them up tightly to make sure they stay safe during transit!

Pack your pillows in a large box

Do not pack your pillows in a smaller box. A larger box with packing material at the bottom will help keep them protected during transport and prevent damage to their shape or filling.

Be sure that you are using clean, unused paper when wrapping up your pillows! You don’t want any dirt getting inside of your boxes – it can damage your pillows when you get to your new home.

Make sure that you seal any openings in the box

Tape and plastic wrap can be used to seal any openings in the box. This step is important. It helps prevent your pillows from moving around during transport, which could damage them if they shift too much and come into contact with sharp or rough edges of the box. It also keeps dirt out!

Label your boxes clearly

This is an important step. Make sure that you label your boxes clearly and place them in a level area near the front of your home or driveway to make unloading easy for moving day!

Check for any damage on your pillows

After you have unboxed your pillows, it’s essential to go through them and check for any damage. Look closely at the material of each pillow to make sure that nothing has ripped or torn during transport, and look inside of the pillow filling to see if anything is out-of-place.


How to pack pillows for moving? Our step-by-step guide gives you all useful hacks. If you have more questions about packing your pillows or need help with your move, don’t hesitate to contact our moving company for a free quote!