How to Pack Large Pictures for Moving: Tips and Tricks

How to Pack Large Pictures for Moving: Tips and Tricks

How to Pack Large Pictures for Moving: Tips and Tricks

How to pack large pictures for moving? It was never easy to pack up all of your possessions for a move. But what about the vast photographs? If you’re like vast majority of people, you’ll want to make sure they’re safe. Continue reading for ideas and methods on how to pack huge photographs when moving!

Use a large, sturdy box to pack the pictures

If you do not have a box that is large and sturdy enough, purchase one to ensure your pictures will be safe. Don’t include any other items in the box with your pictures. If needed, you can stack them, but do not add anything else to the package unless it is specifically made for this purpose.

Make sure the picture is framed

Before you begin to pack, always make sure that the frame of your picture is securely in place. If it’s not sturdy enough or secured well, then moving will cause damage and wear on the piece. You should also remove any glass from the picture before transporting them; this helps protect both yourself and your belongings while packing large pictures for moving.

Place a cardboard box on its side and wrap it with bubble wrap

If you have a box lying on its side, take bubble wrap and place the picture face down over it. Ensure to leave an inch or two of space all around so that no jagged edges are coming in contact with your frames. Once this part is done, carefully flip the entire thing over so that the backside is facing up, and then wrap the whole picture with a nice sheet of bubble wrap.

Use packing tape to secure the frame in place 

Now that your pictures are wrapped in bubble wrap, you need to secure the frame, so it doesn’t move around while being moved. Use packing tape and create a triangle shape with each piece of tape; this ensures that there is no way for anything inside the box to shake or move while moving large pictures.

Wrap the entire frame in more bubble wrap 

Use a larger sheet of bubble wrap and completely cover the frame. Make sure to use enough that it can’t be seen from any angle, especially if you are taking your items in a car or moving truck where things could get shifted around during transport.

Place another piece of cardboard over the top of the frame 

Place one more piece of cardboard on top of everything you have already done, then use a generous amount of tape to seal it shut. Make sure that nothing can get inside this box now!

Then place the entire thing into another larger box and make sure it’s well padded. The larger the box, the better!

Add lots of padding around all sides of the package

Make sure to add lots of padding around all sides of the package. Examples include blankets, pillows and towels. This is very important so that your pictures don’t bump or fall during transit. On the other hand, don’t pack them too tight either – you want room for movement in case something happens, so they aren’t damaged when being transported.


How to pack large pictures for moving? If you’re moving, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to pack up your pictures. Here are some tips for packing large frames and artwork without damaging them or yourself in the process. You are able to find more information about our team of professional movers on our blog page! So check back often for updates with even more helpful information.