How to Pack Clothes on Hangers for Moving? Ultimate Guide

How to Pack Clothes on Hangers for Moving? Ultimate Guide

How to Pack Clothes on Hangers for Moving? Ultimate Guide

Are you getting set to reorganize your clothes, shoes, and accessories on hangers? So, you’re trying to figure out how to pack clothes on hangers for moving? We can help you. While packing a closet is never fun, it is necessary when moving to a new place. Everything must be done right to ensure the success of your relocation (and your sanity!). Otherwise, you can end up with wrinkled clothes, destroyed purses, and scuffed-up shoes in your closet.

The most effective approach to packing clothing and accessories is to treat them gently from beginning to end. Rather than just dumping things into boxes at random, this requires proper cleaning, folding, and packing them in suitable materials. When a group of closet items is gathered, they might become rather heavy (think: having to lift a multitude of shoe boxes or an overly-stuffed box of clothing). Clothing on hangers, shoes, and handbags may now be moved in a variety of easy and practical ways thanks to current technology. Follow the directions in our advice below to learn how to relocate your closet effectively.

A step-by-step approach to moving items on hangers

Here are some helpful hints:

First, get a few closet boxes for your pricey hanging items

Start with wardrobe boxes when packing acceptable clothing to guarantee nothing is harmed. These cardboard boxes are tiny, portable closets that have been precisely designed to hang and fit your clothing and valuables. Although there are some differences in size, most garment boxes are two feet wide and three feet long. They include a built-in metal hanger bar that is supposed to resemble the one in your closet.

Aside from that, the corrugated box keeps hanging clothes safe and wrinkle-free during the move. On the other hand, Wardrobe boxes aren’t cheap, with costs ranging from $20 to $50 per box. On the other hand, many others would argue that the comfort and convenience of a wardrobe box are well worth the expensive cost.

Garbage bags can be used to hold other hanging clothing

Given the high expense of wardrobe boxes, you might wish to seek a less expensive method of shipping less expensive clothing. Trash bags are utilized. Because it is easy to find an affordable, it is one of the most effective ways to pack clothes for moving. We propose using drawstring bags with a capacity of 30 to 50 liters of liquid. Bundle your hangers and clothes together, place the hanging items in the trash bag while holding on to the hangers, tighten the drawstrings around the hanger hooks, knot, and tie with the hooks outside the bag, and you’re done!

If you wish to use a garbage bag, make a small hole at the bottom, cram the items inside, and hangers pointing down. To hold the hanger hooks in place, tie them together with a rubber band or string once they’ve been inserted through the bag’s bottom opening. The bottom half of your clothing should fit within the bag’s top section (with the drawstrings). To keep everything in place, secure the bag with the drawstrings once the clothing has been placed inside.

Hanging clothing is protected with garment bags

Finally, garment bags may be utilized to safeguard your hanging things by adding an extra layer of protection. These protective bags can be used alone or combined with other items like wardrobe boxes and trash bags. Garment bags are meant to transport garments and are a good solution for transporting hanging things. They are comparable in function to luggage.

Depending on the type and quality of the garment bag chosen, covers for clothes bags can cost anywhere from $10 to $40. Requesting free plastic clothes bags from your local dry cleaner’s office or department shop is another option. While the flimsy dry cleaner-style garment bags provide minimal protection, they make it easy to keep hanging garments together when placed within wardrobe boxes, which is very beneficial when moving.

What is the best way to pack and transport clothes in a box?

First, it is recommended that clothing be washed or dry cleaned

You don’t have to hang all of your clothes during a move. Items like underwear, t-shirts, gym gear, and trousers may be folded and packed in a box to make packing easier while transferring. However, before packing these items for vacation, we urge that you wash or dry clean them beforehand. It is never a good idea to pack filthy clothes in the same box as clean ones when relocating. If left unchecked, soiled and moist garments can not only make your closet smell unpleasant, but they can also cause mildew problems in the future. To guarantee that your clothing is safe, ensure that it has been thoroughly cleaned and dried before storing it.

A protective covering should be placed within the boxes

To guarantee that folded items are well-protected, we recommend lining boxes with packing paper or plastic wrap. This will keep your clothes dry and protect them from the wear and tear of moving and storage. If you want to make your boxes as waterproof as possible, line them with a raincoat or poncho before placing stuff on top to protect them even more.

Sort through your clothes and place them into the box

Correctly folding your clothes will a) reduce wrinkles and b) maximize the amount of space available in the box. Avoid overcrowding your clothes box by keeping it to a bare minimum. This will make transferring more complex, and it will be more challenging to identify your stuff once the move is over. Make sure to label these boxes with the goods they include (for example, “sweaters,” “shirts,” and “trousers”), so you can organize your closet more quickly once you’ve moved.


How to pack clothes on hangers for moving? We’ve included a list of all hanger packing tricks on this page. For additional moving advice, check out our blogs.