How To Pack A TV For Moving

How To Pack A TV For Moving

How To Pack A TV For Moving

How to pack a TV for moving? First of all, I would like to say that when moving television or television-like sensitive items, care should be taken in a different way because these items have high financial value and we do not want any damage during moving, whether you are a moving company or you, we definitely take the precaution and safety of this first. It’s good, don’t get hurt afterwards, and small measures like this will prevent big problems from occurring, thanks to this process, it will reduce the possibility of any damage whether your goods go to a distant place, for example, in intercity moving. Since we are movers Los Angeles moving company, we already offer these services to our customers, now I want to tell you about it professionally one by one.

How to pack a TV for moving?

Wrapping with towel ; First we put our TV on a flat area or on a table and it is covered with a towel or something like a blanket or blanket that can cover the entire area of ​​the TV, then the ends of this towel are nicely taped to the back of the TV, if your TV screen is very sensitive, this process is applied. It is very important.

Use styrofoam to protect the screen; Styrofoam is undoubtedly the most effective solution against impacts, because it does not allow the impact to fluctuate to the opposite side, especially when it comes to the TV screen, it is the most effective solution. Now, first of all, a styrofoam equal to the dimensions of the screen is prepared and brought to the level of the screen, and it is also firmly adhered with tape. .

Wrapping with bubble wrap; It is filled with air sacs for the bubble nylon, in case of collision and hard contact, these air-filled bubble wraps reduce the impact of the collision, which is an additional precaution for the safety of your device. First of all, there is a bubble wrap to cover the entire area of ​​the device, and the TV is carefully wrapped and attached with tape.

Packing with carton; If you really want to have peace of mind during moving, you can additionally pack with cardboard, if you apply this process, the risk of destruction will really decrease even if it takes a big hit, what you need to do is find a cardboard that is proportional to the dimensions of your television and pass the cardboard to the television, the ends remaining outside cut it with something like a package knife, and then stick these ends with tape so that they lie parallel to the TV.

Finally, indicate the direction of the screen on the cardboard and take notes.

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