How to Move Furniture Into a Second Floor Apartment? 8 Tips

How to Move Furniture Into a Second Floor Apartment? 8 Tips

How to Move Furniture Into a Second Floor Apartment? 8 Tips

How to move furniture into a second floor apartment? If you’ve ever had to move to a higher-level apartment or transfer belongings to a different floor of a house, you know how tough it can be. The most challenging goods to transport are heavy and bulky, as they combine weight with limited mobility. So it’s such a relief when you finally move that bed, desk, or couch on the proper floor!

We want to make your next move a bit simpler with these pointers.

Obtain Assistance

First and foremost, no matter how strong or in shape you are, you should not transport certain items upstairs by yourself. Two persons are required to transport items that are both heavy and huge. You may have smaller objects that are heavy, such as old television sets, or more oversized but not particularly heavy items, such as bed frames, that will necessitate the use of two movers.

Changing Directions High and Low

The large objects, such as dressers, sofas, tables, and beds, will be the most problematic. When climbing stairs, carry these high and low as much as feasible.

Here’s what we’re talking about. Assume you’re relocating a desk. The one higher on the steps will carry from under the top of the desk. The person lower on the measures will take from the bottom of the steps, where the desk hits the floor. Move slowly and cautiously, especially since the higher-up person will have to walk back up the steps.

This strategy maintains the object more balanced, keeping the pivot point closer to the middle. It also helps to keep the desk, bookcase, or anything upright.

Using Straps and a Dolly

Sometimes known as a hand truck, a dolly is essential for transferring essential things, mainly transporting them upstairs. Secure the object to be moved on your hand truck with flat hook strap tie-downs once you’ve placed it there.

Back up the stairwell with the hand truck, stand on the first step, bend the dolly toward you, and pull it up. You’ll move the hand truck up to one stair at a time while you back up. Have someone on the other side of the steps spot you as you move up the stairs. Maintain a straight back and rise with your legs. This method may be used for goods ranging in size from tiny to large that are very heavy, yet if the item is too huge, carrying it with a partner may be a more comfortable choice.


Even after you’ve gotten that huge, heavy piece of furniture or appliance upstairs, finding the appropriate space for it might not be easy.

Sliding it is one option for making this more straightforward. This is best done on a hardwood or other non-carpeted floor, although it may also be done on a carpet. Place a blanket on the floor, preferably a moving blanket if you have one, and gently move the furniture onto it. Place a couch on its edge to make it simpler to get it through doors. You’ll be able to slide it at least half of the way to its final destination once you’ve completed this.

Couches Passing Through Doors

As previously stated, standing on a sofa on end rather than upright makes it easier to move it through a door. If you maintain your sofa horizontal, you may not have enough clearance to get it through a door due to its length. As the sofa is upright, though, it’s pretty straightforward to move it about and round the doorway when necessary.

What if the couch is too tall to fit through the door? In such case, tilt and move it in, top first, a few feet from the entrance. This may be a little awkward with your assistant, but it shouldn’t be too harsh. Once that top is complete, you may stand the sofa on end and move it into the next room completely.

Once you’ve arrived at your desired location, such as the family room or your bedroom, you may flip it back over and slide it into position.

Chairs should be turned sideways

Recliners and desk chairs, for example, may be surprisingly challenging to maneuver through doorways. You might not believe one is too large, but when you get it to your front door, you’ll find it’s wider than you thought and won’t fit through.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution. First, lean the chair to one side. Next, move the top piece through the door, swivel it so that the top portion is in the destination room and the base faces the new space, and then move the bottom section in. You may then hook the chair into the room in this manner.

Invest in a Shoulder Dolly

Got a comprehensive and heavy appliance that’s too big at the base for a hand truck yet too tough for two people to move with basic lifting (remember, always lift with your legs)? You could require a two-person shoulder dolly.

The term “shoulder dolly” is a misnomer since it conjures up images of a rolling device similar to a hand truck. Instead, this is a two-person strap system. It allows two persons to efficiently hold an object, such as a washing machine, from the top and bottom on two sides and move large, complex household goods using leg power and upper-body stability.

Stairs may be challenging. The lower mover will carry the bulk of the weight here, and thus if you’re moving a big object upstairs with a shoulder dolly, the more vital partner should be on the bottom steps.

Make use of a mattress sling

Mattresses are inconvenient. They’re large, heavy, and awkwardly formed for movement, with a tendency to bend one way or the other as you carry them. Add to that the side holders aren’t designed to bring the mattress. Instead, once it’s on top of your box spring, those are there to assist you in moving it into position.


How to move furniture into a second floor apartment? We have listed 8 tips for moving furniture to second floor. We hope that our article will be helpful for you.