How to Move a Trampoline To a New House: The Best Practices

How to Move a Trampoline To a New House: The Best Practices

How to Move a Trampoline To a New House: The Best Practices

How to move a trampoline to a new house? The trampoline’s kind and the weight mainly determine the trampoline’s movement style. You can quickly relocate a kid’s trampoline or a little trampoline without dismantling it. The biggest hurdle or issue arises with vast and heavy trampolines, such as the 18-foot trampolines.

Then you must make a decision based on factors such as the distance you must travel with the trampoline, the size of the trampoline, your strength, and the availability of strong individuals who can assist you.

How to move a trampoline to a new house?

The best way to transfer large trampolines, such as adult trampolines or gymnastics, is to dismantle them. First, you must disassemble all of the components, such as the enclosing net, poles, jumping pad, springs, frames, and so on, and place them in the box. After that, you may take them wherever you want and reassemble them. On the other hand, reassembling is something that most people despise. Because putting together giant trampolines is difficult.

And if you had trouble putting it together in the first place, you won’t want to do it again. You will not want to use a professional’s services either. That is going to cost a lot of money. In this case, you can relocate the trampoline without dismantling it by following the procedures below.

How Do I Move a Trampoline Without Taking It Apart?

You must consider the distance while intending to relocate your trampoline without destroying it. This is because the movement mechanism will differ depending on the distance.

How do I go a short distance?

If you need to transfer the trampoline to a small distance, such as from one end of your yard to the other or a similar distance, you can choose from the options below.


If you are strong enough and your trampoline does not have an enclosing net or poles, you can try to move it yourself based on its weight. For example, you may crawl underneath the trampoline, stand in the middle, and gently lift the trampoline with your back. However, you must proceed with caution, as you may be wounded.

However, this method will not work with heavier trampolines. In that situation, at least four muscular guys will be required to assist you in moving the trampoline. You and the other four men must hold the trampoline with equal spacing between each other. This allows you to distribute the weight equally. The trampoline will then be moved to the desired shorter distance.

Wheels for Trampoline

You can use the trampoline wheels if you are strong enough or if you don’t have enough people to aid you. Trampoline wheels make it easy to transport a trampoline. You may get them from internet retailers. Several manufacturers provide trampolines. If your trampoline does not come with wheels, you must purchase them separately. Don’t worry, and they’re really inexpensive.

You can effortlessly attach the trampolines’ wheels to their legs and pull them to your preferred location. You can perform this on your own or with the help of another individual. The trampoline’s wheels may then be readily removed. Never leave your trampoline’s wheels attached.

Also, you should never jump on a trampoline with wheels attached to it. The purpose of the wheels is to make your trampoline portable. As a result, mishaps may occur. In addition, wheels are required for sure trampolines. As a result, if needed, you must purchase with caution.

You may use the sliding approach if you only need to move your trampoline a short distance in the backyard or on the grass. You’ll need to spray WD40 or anything similar under the trampolines’ legs. It will be easy to slide the trampoline this way. Before sliding the trampoline, you must remove the enclosed net.

Because trampolines are heavy and difficult to slide alone, it would be ideal to involve two people in the procedure. The WD40 might make the grass a little more challenging to grow. As a result, you must apply with caution. But don’t be concerned. With time, your yard will recover.

Long-Distance Travel Options

You may need to relocate to a new location or move your residence. You’ll have to go a significant distance in such a situation, and the methods listed above will be ineffective. As a result, you’ll have to consider other options.


You may rent a truck to transport your trampoline. However, you might want to remove the net and poles, so they don’t get damaged on the way. Depending on the scenario, one or both trampoline legs may need to be removed. Most essential, before embarking on your excursion, you must secure the trampoline with high-quality straps.


You might also consider purchasing a large trailer to transport your trampoline across great distances. The trailer, however, must have the same width as your trampoline. The trampoline must be lifted and placed on the trailer. Quality ratchet straps should be used in sufficient quantities to fasten the trampoline to the trailer.

The trampoline may be destroyed if the trailer does not travel at a moderate speed. While transporting the trampoline, keep in mind the weather conditions. It’s also a good idea to know the trampoline measurement before you start transporting it. It will make the entire procedure go more smoothly.


Here in this article we have listed the best ways for moving your trampoline to a new house. We hope that this article will be helpful for everyone who relocate his house.