How to move a freezer? 4 Steps

How to move a freezer? 4 Steps

How to move a freezer? 4 Steps

In this article, we will tell you How to move a freezer? We will provide detailed and important information about it.

Moving a freezer is a very difficult task. But with the right equipment, time, adequate assistance and the right steps, we can make this difficult task a little easier.

Step 1: Gather Necessary Materials

  • Transport trolley
  • Rope or carrying straps
  • Packaging material
  • Duct tape
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Enough time

Step 2: Prepare the freezer for moving

How to move a freezer? Unplug the freezer first so it will be ready before you move it. Clean the inside of the freezer and remove any shelves that might come off during the move and pack them separately. If you are going to leave the shelves in the freezer and tape them, make sure that the tape you use will not leave any marks on the freezer. Fix the doors with a thin rip so that they do not open and cause difficulties during moving.

Fix or tape the freezer plug to a part of the cabinet so that it does not cause difficulty during moving and does not scratch the cabinet during moving.

Pack the Freezer to Prepare for Moving

After fixing the doors, wrap the freezer in two layers with bubble wrap packaging material and tape the packaging nylon with duct tape from the top, middle and bottom. The cabinet is now ready to move.

Step 3: Your freezer is ready to move

Freezers weigh between 70 and 130 kg according to their characteristics, and the lack of a place to hold them for manual transport makes it difficult to carry. It is important that we continue to work knowing these. If there is a transport trolley, we recommend that you carry the freezer with it. If there is a transport trolley, place the transport trolley under the cabinet and connect the cabinet to the transport trolley with a 6-8 cm wide transport rope. You can easily carry the cabinet in a near vertical position by helping one person from the back side of the carriage.

If there is no transport trolley, two or three people can easily carry it by holding these transport ropes by making ties that we will hold during transport from the bottom and the sten with the transport ropes.

Be very careful when moving the freezer up or down stairs and complete the move by talking to each other and resting on the mezzanine as you go gradually.

Step 4: A few important caveats

Take care to keep the freezer as upright as possible during moving. Do not carry the freezer on its side, as such moving may cause permanent damage to the cooling tubes. Wait 2-3 hours before restarting your refrigerator. This allows the liquid to flow back into the compressor. This is important for the cooling mechanism.

Read the owner’s manual of the freezer before moving. Thus, you will prevent potential problems by following important safety tips and warnings.

Can the refrigerator be carried sideways?

They do not recommend this very much, and if it is invested for a certain period of time, they recommend waiting for 1 hour before operating. In our examples above, it is clearly explained how the freezer should be transported. Here, we are talking about moving the side transport freezer by placing it on one side of the vehicle, not vertically. Of course, when going up stairs or moving from one room to another, the freezer will be tilted a little and transferred as such.

As a result, you can easily carry out your transportation with the information we provide about freezer moving in this article.

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