How to load a moving truck? Ultimate Guide

How to load a moving truck? Ultimate Guide

How to load a moving truck? Ultimate Guide

How to load a moving truck? In this article, we will try to explain this issue in detail.

One of the most important stages for moving is the correct loading of the packaged goods into the moving vehicle. Whether you’re hiring a moving company or moving your own home, knowing a little bit about how to load the truck is essential for safe transport of your belongings.

It is very important to properly place items in the truck when loading them. After the vehicle starts to move, the spaces between the items are scratched and cause greater damage by rubbing and moving the items. If you are not experienced in this field, we would like to list a few suggestions for you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Disassemble Items

How to load a moving truck? Load demountable items such as desks, cabinets, bookshelves and wardrobes into the vehicle by carefully cutting them into pieces and packing each piece. If it is not disassembled, the furniture may no longer stand as before as a result of the expansion of the screw slots of the furniture both during moving and due to movements in the vehicle.

Do Good Placement Gain More Space

When placing items on the truck, the items and spaces should be constantly compared to see which item fits best in which space. The better the items are placed, the more space and the less the truck moves while it’s in motion. This means less damage to your belongings.

Load Heavy Items First

How to load a moving truck? The heaviest items are much more easily damaged, so these items should be loaded into the truck first and all of them should be fixed in the truck with additional single ropes. Since even the slightest movements of these items will put a lot of load on other items, these items should be fixed in the truck in a way that will move the least in order to minimize the damage.

Put Long Items in First Load Items

After loading most of the items, include these items among the first items to load so that you don’t have to worry about how to load items that are too long to fit in the truck. The height of the moving trucks is a maximum of 2.50 meters. Since it will be necessary to deposit the items that will be longer than 2.50 meters in the truck, planning should be made about how to load these items in advance, and then the truck should be started to be loaded.

Load Parcels Last

After loading all the items, if there are no items left after a detailed examination of the house, load the boxes that you have prepared before and put your primary needs into the truck. Do not mix these boxes with other boxes after transporting them and place them all in their own rooms and start opening the boxes from these boxes.

Do not forget to write on the parcels before moving. Because then you can place the parcels on the truck more comfortably while being transported. The only thing you need to watch out for are breakable items. You must handle your fragile items with care. Because in any problem, your belongings may break. So it’s better to transport with shipping companies. Because then your belongings will be insured.

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