What items can’t be moved?

what items can't be moved?

Do you have these common household items?


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Whether you’re planning a brief, local move, or a long-distance move, chances are you probably have some hazardous materials at home. Of course, we all understand that the garage generally houses a lot of materials that we don’t want inside of our homes but did you know that even nail polish remover is considered a hazardous material not suitable for transport?

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In order to obtain our California Public Utilities permit, we had to demonstrate a higher-than-average understanding of many laws. One such law restricts motor carriers without a hazardous materials endorsement from transporting hazardous materials. As mentioned above, even nail polish remover is unsuitable for transport in your moving truck! This is where having a licensed and insured moving company, like Cheap Movers Los Angeles, really becomes of great value and safety.

Please read below for a list from the CPUC of the most common residential hazardous materials that are unsafe for transport on Moving Day:

  • Combustible Liquids:
    • Alcohol (Rubbing)
    • Lubricants (Motor oils)
    • Anti-Freeze Compounds
  • Corrosives:
    • Acids
    • Drain Cleaner
    • Photographic acids used in developing film bleach
    • Water Purifying Agents, such as used for swimming pool cleaning and maintenance
  • Explosives:
    • Fireworks
    • Small Arms Ammunition
    • Flash Bulbs
  • Flammables:
    • Lighter Fluid
    • Matches
    • Wood Oil Stains
    • Petrol-Chemical-Based Garden Sprays
    • Paint/Varnish
    • Paint/Varnish Removers
    • Butane/Propane/Gasoline (Garden Equipment)
    • Signal Flares
    • Charcoal Briquettes
  • Compressed Gasses:
    • Aerosol Cans
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Scuba Diving Tanks

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Cheap Movers Los Angeles is the only locally-grown companies that can actually claim 24/7, local customer service. Please call, email, or text us anytime if you have any questions about your move or if you are planning a move in the future. We are always happy to accommodate last-minute moves when possible. We thank you, in advance, for making Cheap Movers Los Angeles the best movers in Los Angeles and Southern California. Come see why our customers love us on Yelp!.

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How much do I tip my movers?

“How much do I tip my movers?”

In our culture, there is a certain stigma about talking in depth about money matters and announcing one’s personal income. Nobody wants to be labelled “cheap” or “broke” but nobody wants to grossly overpay for something either. However service industries can be a tricky place to navigate, especially as tips are quietly expected.

Contrary to popular urban myth, the word “tips” does not mean “Tips Insure Prompt Service” or anything of the like for that matter. (Which totally makes sense,  for how could you insure prompt service unless you pay tips ahead of time?) Although it has many connotations, both as a verb and as a noun, the use of the term as it applies to monetary rewards to servants and dates back to the 1700’s in Europe. It first appeared in this context as a verb (“Then I, Sir, tips me the Verger with half a Crown” from the 1706 George Farquhar play The Beaux Stratagem) and was first recorded as a noun in 1755. Today, we tend to follow suit with this long-standing habit of monetarily rewarding those who provide a service.

A common question we are asked, day in and day out, is: “How much do I tip my movers?” Generally, at restaurants, a good waiter or waitress can be appropriately rewarded for a 5-star job with at least a 20% tip. However, moving is a bit more expensive than just your Grand Slam at Denny’s…and we realize this. According to Lauri Ward at Redecorate.com, “I prefer a flat fee over a percentage when tipping movers,” she begins. “As a minimum, the crew usually gets $20-$30 per mover. For more complex moves, tip $40 per mover. The foreman usually receives $50 for less complicated moves and $75-$100 for bigger jobs.”

While everyone’s budget does vary greatly, especially in the Los Angeles Metro Area, even just a few dollars tipped to help your movers buy a meal-on-the-go is greatly appreciated.

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