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Quick FAQ's

1"How can I be sure a moving company is licensed and insured?"
Moving is no joke. You are literally trusting us with nearly all of your worldly possessions, especially sentimental ones. We get it.

This is why Cheap Movers Los Angeles is proud to be a licensed and insured moving company. In California, the California Public Utilities Commission regulates many companies, moving companies are one of them. In order to have obtained our permit, we had to demonstrate financial responsibility and provide proof of Auto insurance for our trucks, cargo insurance for your belongings in-transit, Workers' Compensation insurance for your movers, General Liability insurance, and demonstrate a higher-than-average understanding of California laws that govern household goods movers.

There's no dollar sign on peace-of-mind. Know before you go and check any California moving company out here: .

Then, give us a call!

2"When are Off-Peak Rates available?"

Off-peak rates can add up to substantial savings on your move.

Off-peak times are generally Monday through Thursday, (excluding the first 3 days of the month and last 3 days of the month,).

Please contact your Relocation Coordinator with any questions.

3"Do you have an hourly minimum?"
Yes and no.

Each job is different, we get that. Generally-speaking, yes, we have a 3-hour minimum to ensure our movers have a full, beneficial work day.

Sometimes, however, we can arrange for flat-rate moves in certain circumstances, especially for large residential or commercial moves or for single-item moves.

4"What is Double Drive Time?"
According to the California Public Utilities Commission (the entity that regulates many companies in California, including moving companies,), all hourly moves are to be charged Double Drive Time. This accounts for the total billable labor, gas, and travel costs associated with your move.

Double Drive Time fees are assessed from Point of Origin to Destination. Say it takes us to drive 1.5 hours from your current home to your new one, we would add 1.5 hours of billing to the time at the hourly rate provided. This this makes the Double Drive Time 3 hours in this case.

If you have any questions about this fee, please ask your Relocation Coordinator.

5"What can I do to make my move go as quickly as possible?"
Here are some basic tips to make your move smooth and efficient:

1. Please be sure to read all the materials we emailed you. Please make sure you take your time and read thoroughly.

2. Unless otherwise stipulated, please be sure to have all of your small items packed before your moving day. This cuts down on unnecessarily wasted time immensely.

3. Save us a spot! The closer we can park to your home or apartment building, the better. This is your responsibility and any parking tickets obtained will be at your cost!

4. Please leave the moving to the Pros! It's always an awesome thing to see friends and family pitch in to help but allowing them to do so while your movers are there may waive your right to loss and/or damage claims!

5. Arrange for care for children and pets. Having small children and pets underfoot can be very hazardous. Please arrange for their care before your move.

6. Please have your form of payment ready for your movers. We accept cash or credit card only. No business and/or personal checks. Excessive time wasted waiting for total payment to be received may result in extra billable charges!

6"Money is tight. Any additional ways for me to save?"

Website: Be sure visit our site regularly for the most up-to-date moving specials!

Yelp!: Throughout the year, we offer various Yelp! Coupons. Stop by our Yelp! page for more info at: .

Groupon: Check our ad on Groupon to see if we have an offer that works for you at: .

Loading/Unloading Service: Cut down on hourly billing costs! Your movers can come load or unload your private moving truck at an affordable rate.

Unpublished, in-house specials: From time-to-time, we also offer exclusive, unpublished deals, so be sure to contact your Relocation Coordinator for more information.

7"What is your availability?"
Southern California is comprised of several bustling world-class cities with many busy individuals. We get it.

As a result, we offer 24/7 local customer service support via phone, email, and text to each and every customer and prospective customer. You will always be able to talk to a real, local Cheap Movers Relocation Coordinator and have your questions and concerns addressed in a timely and professional manner.

We have moving teams that operate 7-days a week, offering flexible, extended and after hours moving services when needed.

Call or Click now to get started with us!

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